Frequently asked questions

Why am I able to switch from ComEd to another electricity provider?
In January 2007, Illinois concluded a ten-year process of deregulating its electricity market to allow consumers a choice in their supplier of electricity.
If I switch from ComEd, where will my electricity come from?
From the same generation plants it did when ComEd was your supplier. ComEd will continue to deliver your electricity and maintain the poles and wires it travels over just like before.
If I switch from ComEd, where does my utility bill come from?
Nothing changes. You will continue to receive one bill per account from ComEd. All charges (supply, delivery and taxes), will be included. The only difference is you pay less.
How long does it take to switch?
Cost Advisor makes it possible to sign up in a few minutes and it’s easy. Businesses no longer need to waste time meeting with various consultants and reviewing rates. We do the leg work for you helping secure your electric and natural gas supply as efficiently possible.
What is required of me to switch?
As part of our quick and easy sign up process, we require a copy of your bill(s) and an electronic signature. If you’re currently with an Alternative Supplier, we’ll need a copy of that contract as well. Your new supplier will coordinate the transition with your utility company. Spend a few minutes signing up and we’ll take it from there.
Who do I call if my electricity goes out or there is a problem with my gas service?
ComEd will remain responsible for maintaining the electrical grid in which your electricity passes through. You can reach ComEd’s customer service department at 1-800-334-7661.
If there is an issue with your natural gas service, please contact your local gas utility. North Shore Gas 866-556-6005 Nicor Gas 888-642-6748 or People's Gas 866-556-6002.
Do I need a Partner code to sign up?
No. The Partner code is required if you were referred by a Cost Advisor Partner. Whether referred or coming to Cost Advisor on your own, everyone is welcome.